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Matt Lewis - CEO Simple City Design, Passionate Urbanist

Episode Summary

Matt Lewis is the CEO of Simple City Design located in Austin, Texas - specializing in all things Urbanism. Matt is a master of the craft and has enthusiasm we all can feed off of.

Episode Notes

Matt Lewis is the CEO of Simple City Design, a design firm specializing in all things Urbansim, from Land Development, to street design, to zoning changes (To just name a few!)

Matt has extensive experience in city building and has an insanely infectious passion for making our spaces better: He has seen it all.

Matt is on the board of directors for Congress of New Urbanism and has led the development of three of the fastest growing cities, including Austin, Texas, San Marcos, Texas and Hutto, Texas. Matt is currently out of Austin, Texas helping cities be the best they can be.

Topics we cover include
Tactical Urbanism, Scaling cities, ways each of us can get involved, and solutions!

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