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Howard Blackson - What's Next

Episode Summary

Howard Blackson on what's next for new urbanism, lessons from San Diego, and why people will be nicer to each other (among many other ideas).

Episode Notes

Howard Blackson is an urban designer and thought leader out of San Diego California. This is Howard’s second time on the podcast, and hopefully an improvement from the last episode. Howard is the Urban Design and Planning Studio Director at AVRP Skyport Studios in San Diego.

In this episode we talk about what’s next for new urbanism, lesson from San Diego and the City Building Exchange, why people will be nicer to each other and plenty of thoughts on urbanism in general.

Howard has a lot of great things to say, and we get into a lot of subjects in this episode - I’m not sure I even need to be present! Enjoy the episode and reach out!

People Mentioned in the episode:
Ann Daigle
Laura Clemons
Nathan Norris
Omar Passons
Andres Duany

Places Mentioned:
Carmel, Columbus Indiana
Plaza de Panama
Parklets San Diego


Howard’s Blog
Howard’s Twitter
AVRP Skyport Studios
MRED Woodbury
Placemaking Ordinance City of San Diego

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